Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong leaves BitBoy Crypto amid speculation

Ben Armstrong, known for BitBoy Crypto, has left the company, causing speculation in the crypto community.

Armstrong’s departure from “Hit Network/BJ Investment Holdings and all its subsidiary brands, including BitBoy Crypto and Around the Blockchain,” according to a screenshot published by Bitcoin author Jason A. Williams on X, is effective immediately.

Armstrong verified the surprising event on his personal X account, joinBENCoin, writing, “TJ Shedd & Justin Williams have attempted a coup at my company… There has been a mutiny at BitBoy Crypto and Hit Network. But it won’t work. They have no leverage.”

This statement recognizes conflicts within his company but shows he’s confident about keeping control even after leaving.

Speculation and Uncertainty Surrounding Departure

The reasons for Armstrong’s departure remain unclear, leading to various speculations. Some wonder if his sudden move is related to his recent involvement with “sketchy” meme coins, but there’s no solid connection established.

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Armstrong faced criticism for promoting risky investments and allegedly selling tokens he promoted to viewers through affiliate links.

The Fate of BEN Digital Currency

Amidst these changes, people questioned the fate of Armstrong’s digital currency, BEN. While some thought it might decline, Armstrong quickly dismissed these ideas, suggesting he’d stay involved in crypto ventures despite leaving BitBoy Crypto.

Rumours of a potential investigation involving Armstrong have added intrigue. Some, like Adam Cochran, sarcastically anticipated his departure, citing rumours of an impending investigation as a possible trigger.

Armstrong’s departure has stirred the crypto community, but its actual impact on BitBoy Crypto and BEN remains uncertain. As of now, the official BitBoy X account hasn’t released any statements. Their pinned post promotes the crypto betting platform