Bitcoin quarterly performance 2022 Full Report BTC Q1, Q2 Q3 & Q4

2022 is full of entertainment, especially in the crypto market. This year is too bad for Bitcoin's performance, and too many crypto projects will die.

Bitcoin quarterly performance 2022 earnings are all negative, indicating that BTC is the worst investment for this year; in this article, we discuss all profits and why BTC is the worst asset, as well as the reasons and events that have contributed to BTC’s poor performance.

Bitcoin All Quarterly performance 2022

Bitcoin Q1 Earning

This year’s aggressively loose monetary policy of the world’s central banks during the pandemic led to a serious inflation problem around the world. So, in the last quarter of 2021, the U.S. Fed signalled the end of this monetary policy and a change to a tightening monetary policy. They could do this by using tools like reducing their balance sheet and raising interest rates.

If inflation caused by the COVID-19 response wasn’t enough, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine further messed up supply chains around the world. This made inflation worse because it made production costs go up.

The war in Ukraine not only reduced supply but also caused massive price spikes. For example, at one point in March, wheat prices had risen by 71% from pre-invasion levels. Reported Voice of America

In January BTC price plumped from $46,216 to 38,466 more than -16% which is a really bad month for BTC but the war in ukraine boost the narrative of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to sanctions imposed by a global government.

In Feb and March Bitcoin surge more than 20% due to the cross-border payment and helping Ukraine to send aid using crypto tokens. Bitcoin and altcoin trading volumes have surged at a major Ukraine cryptocurrency exchange in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion.

Overall Bitcoin Q1 performance shows a negative sign (-1.46%) so let’s eye on the good and bad events of bitcoin Q1

Good events of  Bitcoin Q1

Bad events of  Bitcoin Q1

Bitcoin Q2 Earning

Inflation peaks in June, and each subsequent month is more important than the previous one because everyone is concerned about the Fed’s rate hike decision. During this Q2 period, the stock and cryptocurrency markets only see Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s speech.

Powell’s speeches are all the same and always hawkish; during the speeches, stocks and the crypto market react quickly to every word of Powell, but the market only falls.

When the Fed decided it was time to do something about inflation, it moved quickly and in about six months raised the fed funds rate by three percentage points. The goal is to bring down the sky-high inflation rates that are making it harder for average US Citizens to buy things without starting a recession.

The fear of recession rises when two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth mean recession, but the US government confidently says they are not in a recession.

Bitcoin quarterly performance 2022
source Trading economics

Google searches for US citizens asking about recessions peak during this period, according to Google search trends for two consecutive quarters of negative GDP.

source google search trends

This Q2 Bitcoin is bleeding because inflation is all times higher and the Tera Luna UST collapsed which caused the 60 Billion to wipe out overnight

Bitcoin quarterly performance 2022
source tradingview

The collapse of Terra led to the collapse of the entire crypto industry. Terra founder Do Kwon fled South Korea and is still at large. The financial crisis spread to other major crypto companies including Celsius, Genesis, and other lending companies. It ultimately led to billions of dollars in losses for individual investors.

The sharp drop in June below the $30K range to 18K, which is a 37% dip, caused many large mining companies to liquidate their BTC holdings to protect their positions, and BTC fell below $20,000 to around $17,000 by the end of the first half of the year. Bitcoin’s second-quarter earnings are down 56.2%.

Good events of  Bitcoin Q2

Bad events of  Bitcoin Q2

Bitcoin Q3 Earning

While Terra StableCoin’s demise made history, $100 of Luna coin drops to zero in a matter of days, having a significant impact on the crypto market.

This summer’s inflation is lower than it was in June, and the price of Bitcoin has risen more than 30% from $18,500 to $25,000, but there is still a lot of selling pressure on BTC which is down BTC again below the 20k range in Mid August. Bitcoin’s third-quarter earnings are down 2.57%.

Good events of  Bitcoin Q3

Bad events of  Bitcoin Q3

Bitcoin Q4 Earning

As we moved into the last quarter (Q4) of the year, there were signs that the crypto market was getting better. Even though it was a slow month, October ended on a good note for cryptocurrencies. But a storm in November would throw the whole industry into a new state of chaos.

On 2 November Coindesk revealed shocking facts about Alameda Research a trading firm, news outlet shared a “private document” dated 30th June 2022, revealing Alameda’s sheets fully loaded with FTT tokens.

Coindesk’s discovery that most of Alameda’s assets ($5.8 billion out of the reported $14.6 billion) were in FTX’s own exchange token $FTT was a big hint that something was wrong.

This was a worrying sign because the price of FTT would drop if Alameda tried to sell it to get cash. In short, Alameda used FTT as security for their loans by putting it up as collateral.

This story is detailed on Crypto Avanza, which you can read about here.

Following the development story on November 2, the first reaction came from the CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, who responded very strictly, causing the FTT token to be destroyed in just a few days, where it is now almost zero, the FTX exchange to go bankrupt, and Sam Bankman-Fried to be arrested in the Bahamas.

However, Sam was recently released on bail of $250 million.

Bitcoin makes a new low, which is below the $16,000 region, and the crypto total market cap drops again, approaching $700 billion. Bitcoin’s fourth-quarter earnings are down 14.17%, but December has not yet closed; let’s see what bitcoin’s yearly closing is.

Bitcoin Yearly charts show a sharp drop in the red candle in 2022, which is more than 64% lower than its open of $46,230 and low of $15,479 when FTX drama is on the rise.

Bitcoin quarterly performance 2022
source tradingview

This bear market is quite different from the 2018 bear market, but technical and on-chain analysis show that the 2022 bear market is the same; for more information on the 2018 and 2022 bear markets, as well as the exact bottom of Bitcoin today, see the Crypto Avanza detail article.

Good events of Bitcoin Q4

Bad events of Bitcoin Q4

Wrapping Up

The effects of a lot of bad things that happened this year are likely to carry over into the new year. Due to how crypto companies are linked, many trusted news websites think the domino effect will keep going.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that has grown in strength this year, and self-storage is now the primary requirement for crypto. The failure of blockchain, crypto, and mining companies is not the failure of technology; it’s a case of institutional fraud and mismanagement, that’s all.

Crypto is still decentralized, but we centralised it, which negates the concept of decentralization; many crypto projects fail as a result of Ponzi tokenomics, unsustainable APRs, and other factors.

Because Bitcoin is only one of 21 million coins, and the consensus has made Bitcoin more secure than other cryptos, it is time to declare that “Bitcoin is not a crypto.” you can my story crypto journey is amazing “2022 Is The Best Year For Learn Crypto & Money”

Happy New Year to all of the Crypto Avanza family from the Crypto Avanza team.

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