Coca-Cola launches FIFA World Cup NFTs based on match heatmaps

Coca-Cola and Budweiser are putting out NFTs based on World Cup heatmaps.

The non-transferable tokens give their owners different benefits, like a chance to win prizes.

BetDEX, a sports betting exchange, recently opened on the Solana mainnet.

Coca-Cola is putting out NFTs for the FIFA World Cup

Coca-Cola is putting out a set of NFTs for the FIFA World Cup that are based on heatmaps of the games.

The NFTs will be made and hosted by GMUNK, a digital artist who has worked with Nike, DoorDash, and the musician Grimes in the past.

The 10,000 NFTs were made by keeping track of what the players did during FIFA World Cup games. Fans who sign up for an account on the NFT platform will be able to get these items.

This is the latest big business move to use web3 to cash in on World Cup fever. BetDEX, a sports betting exchange built on the blockchain, opened on the Solana mainnet on November 17. Fees were taken away from bets on World Cup games by the exchange.

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The famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection was picked up by the big exchange Binance. The non-transferable tokens give their owners different benefits, like a surprise box, a chance to win a prize, or a personal message from Ronaldo himself.

Budweiser also moved to release an NFT collection with live scoreboards for the tournament.

The organisation says that FIFA’s push, which is based on Algorand  will include an NFT collection of art and images from the World Cup and the Women’s World Cup. The project is like NFT sports collectibles like NBA Top Shot, which is about basketball.

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