At Crypto Avanza, we place the utmost importance on maintaining accuracy and rigor in our reporting. However, we acknowledge that despite our best efforts, mistakes can occur. As part of our editorial policy, we are committed to promptly and transparently correcting any errors.

If an article or tabulated data contains a factual error, Crypto Avanza will rectify it as soon as we become aware of the mistake. There is no time limit for corrections, and they can be made even weeks after the initial publication. To ensure transparency, we will include a note at the end of the text or table, explaining the nature of the correction and when it was made.

In cases where a published article requires clarification, we will make the necessary amendments. A note will be appended to the end of the text, clearly indicating the changes that have been made and when the modifications were implemented.

As new information or data emerges, articles often need to be updated. When such updates occur, we will notify our readers, typically through a brief note stating that the new article supersedes the earlier version.

If information surfaces that significantly alters the essence of a story, a note will be added at the end of the article to explicitly convey this to the reader.

Push notifications serve as an immediate means for Crypto Avanza to inform readers about last-minute changes to a story. Should a factual error be detected in such notification, we will swiftly correct it.

Any corrections and updates applied to texts published on the Crypto Avanza website will also be made to the corresponding content shared on social networks.

In exceptional circumstances that warrant the removal of previously published material, Crypto Avanza will provide a comprehensive explanation to our readers.

We value all complaints and will give them the careful consideration they deserve. Whenever possible, we will respond to address any concerns raised.

When our articles mention individuals or companies by name, we strive to reach out to them for comment prior to publication. If direct contact is not feasible, we offer them the right of reply. However, it’s important to note that the final decision on what content is published rests with the Editor-in-chief of Crypto Avanza.

We are steadfast in our commitment to abstain from providing a platform to those who disseminate fake news, promote conspiracy theories, incite hatred or violence, or engage in propagandistic activities.