Editorial Policy

Crypto Avanza firmly believes that accurate, honest, and responsible journalism plays a crucial role in empowering individuals to make informed decisions and improve their lives. In today’s digital landscape, where misinformation, biased opinions, and fake news abound, the need for reliable reporting is more significant than ever.

Crypto Avanza is committed to providing precise coverage and unbiased analysis of the crypto-finance world. As an independent company, privately funded and free from political affiliations, we neither seek nor accept any form of donations.

Our operations are not influenced or controlled by any other company, particularly in the crypto-finance sector. We have no investments in cryptocurrencies and do not engage in speculative activities.

We derive our revenue solely from the online sale of our products, ensuring that our content is not compromised by advertising interests. At Crypto Avanza, we uphold the utmost importance of editorial independence, which serves as the foundation of trust between our organization and the public we serve. Our owners pledge not to interfere with any editorial decisions, placing complete confidence in the Editor-in-chief, who has full responsibility for editorial strategy, day-to-day decisions, and all editorial appointments.

To maintain the highest standards of journalistic integrity, Crypto Avanza adheres to a comprehensive Code of Ethics that guides our journalists in their work. Some key principles of our Code of Ethics include:

1. Protection of Sources: Crypto Avanza is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of our sources.

2. Avoidance of Personal Gain: Our journalists are strictly prohibited from utilizing their positions for personal financial gain or other benefits.

3. Transparency and Ethical Conduct: Crypto Avanza journalists are not allowed to pay for information access or accept gifts or hospitality that may compromise the integrity of their reporting.

4. Ethical Information Gathering: We uphold the highest standards of truthfulness and integrity in our reporting, refraining from using deceptive methods to obtain information. In exceptional cases where hidden recording devices are deemed necessary, approval from the Editor-in-chief is mandatory. Such methods are only authorized when they serve the public interest and no alternative means are available.

The complete Code of Ethics can be accessed on our website.

Crypto Avanza places utmost emphasis on accuracy and rigor. While we strive to minimize errors, we acknowledge that mistakes can occur. In the event of a factual error in our articles or data, we are committed to promptly and transparently correcting them. There is no time limit for corrections, and we will provide a note at the end of the text or data, clearly explaining the nature of the correction and when it was made.

When articles require clarification or updates with new information or data, Crypto Avanza will ensure that our readers are informed accordingly. A note will be added at the end of the text, indicating the changes made and the timing of the revision. In cases where substantial information arises that significantly alters a story, a note will explicitly indicate the update to the reader.

Push notifications serve as immediate alerts to inform our readers of any last-minute changes to a story. If a factual error is found in such notification, we will swiftly correct it.

Any corrections or updates made to content on the Crypto Avanza website will also be applied to the corresponding material posted on social networks.

In exceptional circumstances where the deletion of previously published material is deemed necessary, Crypto Avanza will provide a thorough explanation to our readers.

At Crypto Avanza, we take complaints seriously and aim to address them with due consideration. We are committed to responding whenever possible and ensuring a fair resolution.

When our articles mention individuals or companies by name, Crypto Avanza strives to contact them for comment before publication. In cases where this is not feasible, we offer them the right of reply. However, it is important to note that the Editor-in-chief of Crypto Avanza has the final say on what content is published.

Crypto Avanza will not provide a platform for individuals promoting fake news, conspiracy theories, hatred, incitement to violence, or propaganda.

We staunchly support freedom of expression and defend the rights of journalists to carry out their duties without fear of intimidation or physical harm.

Crypto Avanza categorically rejects all forms of discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.