Editorial Statute

Crypto Avanza is a digital newspaper that covers economic, financial, and business topics related to the stock and crypto market. Additionally, we provide weekly research on blockchain technology and emerging technologies. It is accessible on the internet at www.cryptoavanza.com and provides independent and diverse general information. As an independent publication, Crypto Avanza is privately funded and maintains no affiliations with any political party or ideology. We neither solicit nor accept any form of donations.

At Crypto Avanza, our primary objective is to seek the truth and adhere to factual reporting. We are committed to maintaining our independence from partisan interests and are solely accountable to our readers.

While Crypto Avanza does not endorse any political agenda, we have a profound interest in financial technology and innovation, and their impact on the global landscape.

The guiding principles of Crypto Avanza are rooted in respect for human dignity. We strive to uphold rigorous, impartial, and honest standards in the treatment of news. The confidentiality of our human sources is paramount and will never be compromised.

Within Crypto Avanza, a clear distinction is made between opinion articles and informative pieces. We reserve the right to interpret and analyze facts while adhering to the prevailing legislation.

Encouraging constructive debate is an essential aspect of Crypto Avanza’s mission. However, opinion pieces will always be clearly identified as such and will not be conflated with our objective, balanced reporting.

Our aim is to foster an informed and engaged public opinion. We value fearlessness, honesty, and open discussions.

The information priorities of Crypto Avanza are determined solely based on considerations of public interest, relevance, and the usefulness of the information. We firmly reject any form of censorship or restrictions on the freedom to inform.

Crypto Avanza caters to an audience from all walks of life and professions, ensuring broad accessibility and inclusivity.

Our key mission at Crypto Avanza is to report on the intersection of technology and tradition, exploring how emerging technologies will shape society.

In conducting their work, Crypto Avanza’s journalists, under the responsibility of the director, pledge to adhere to the applicable legislation governing journalistic activities, including the Press Law, as well as the ethical and professional principles of the field.