If you’re using a very old Bitcoin Knots, Don’t upgrade it says Luke Dashjr

If you're using a very old #Bitcoin Knots, it might expire today. Don't upgrade it says Bitcoin OG and Core developer

In recent on Dec. 31 Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr lost his all Bitcoin holding because his PGP key was compromised.

On Jan 1 at 6:30 UTC Dashjr stated on Twitter that his PGP  key has been compromised, resulting in many bitcoins being stolen. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key is a common security method that uses two keys to unlock information that has been encrypted.

In this Twitter thread, he shared the hackers’ wallet address where his Bitcoins were sent, but he did not reveal how much he owns. After seeing this wallet’s on-chain data, we can see the hackers stole $216 BTC, which is worth more than $3.6 million.


According to, this address has been transacted 7 times on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has received a total of 216.93331465 BTC which is worth $3,628,535 USD and has sent a total of 0.00000000 BTC. The current value of this address is 216.93331465 BTC $3.6 million.

So the core developer blame is Bitcoin Knots isn’t infested with malware. he also suggesting to shutting down the system if you download Bitcoin Knots.

In a recent Tweet, Luke again warns users about Bitcoin Knots “If you’re using a very old #Bitcoin Knots, it might expire today. Don’t upgrade it.”

Twitter folks full charge of this event CZ Binance again blame self custody as not risk-free so let’s see some interesting tweets after this developing story.

Tweets After Luke Dashjr threads

So first CZ Binance is already statemented against self-custody in which he says 99% of lost his saving in hardware wallets, now Bitcoin Core developer key is compromised So CZ has a great opportunity to gain sympathy.


So firstly Zhao comments to gain sympathy like Sorry to see you lose so much. Informed our security team to monitor. If it comes our way, we will freeze it.” he said 

Then he played master stock after the above tweet his next tweet in which he said “Self custody have a different set of risks.”

So joe CEO of LunarCrush respond on a CZ tweet that said “$3.5 million lost to self-custody in 2022. Billions lost to centralized exchanges.”

Zhao also replies to joe tweet: “Most self-custody losses are not reported.”

Zhao also mentions SBF is not full of a centralized exchange and also compares Madoff which also does not equal all Stock Brokers

So, here are some more funning tweets that will completely blow your mind.

Bitoinfool a Twitter user said “While having over 200BTC. Says that the hackers got his hot and cold wallets, despite suggesting that he doesn’t use cold wallets in his deleted tweet. Very strange indeed.”

This tweet literally can’t stop me from laughing LOL

The next tweet is very sensible I think we link to this article

Wrapping UP

This story directly belongs to the self-custody and bitcoin security so crypto Avanza keeps eye on it but one thing to keep in mind this is not the failure of self-custody, but the timing of this news is very painful because everyone is finding the hardware wallet of self custody this is very hurtful for crypto folks

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