Terms & Conditions – General

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are categorized to govern the usage of the Crypto Avanza website (referred to as the “Site”). Crypto Avanza reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions whenever necessary, and it is recommended to regularly review this document.

1. Content and Intellectual Property Protection

The content of the Site encompasses all the information contained within it, including text, images, videos, designs, software, and programming code. All content is the property of Crypto Avanza and the use of this content without the express consent of Crypto Avanza, except for purposes of permitted private use as defined by law, is strictly prohibited.

The intellectual property rights of all content belong to Crypto Avanza, including tools, information, graphics, photographs, advertisements, images, and text. These contents are protected by law, and any abuse or unauthorized use of this data may result in liability, including criminal liability, for the offender.

2. Access Procedure

Access to the contents of Crypto Avanza is universally and freely available, with the exception of certain exclusive articles referred to as “Pro articles.” Access to the Site is differentiated into three types: unregistered users, registered users, and subscriber users. The accessibility and content availability may vary based on the user type.

– Unregistered Users: Unregistered users can access all the articles available on the site, including a limited number of Pro articles. Crypto Avanza reserves the right to modify the limits of articles accessible to unregistered users at any time.

– Registered Users: Registered users are individuals who have completed the registration process on the Site. Crypto Avanza reserves the right to modify the functionalities available to registered users, as well as the number of articles (Pro and others) they can access.

– Subscriber Users: Subscriber users are individuals who hold an active subscription. Subscription involves registration on the Site and acquiring a desired access plan through a commercial transaction with Crypto Avanza. The content accessible to subscriber users depends on the type of plan acquired. Crypto Avanza reserves the right to modify the functionalities available to subscriber users, as well as the number of articles (Pro and others) they can access.

3. Registration Procedure

Registration requires the insertion of personal data, including email and name. By registering on the Site, users gain access to exclusive features such as commenting, saving articles, commenting on published articles, managing newsletter subscriptions, and following authors, topics, and categories.

Registration can be completed either by connecting directly through a social network or by providing the required personal data (name, email, and password) directly on the Site.

By registering and logging in, users agree to:

– Confirm that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy and Cookies Policy available at https://cryptoavanza.com/privacy-policy-2/
– Declare that they are over 16 years of age.
– Grant access to their essential personal data if provided directly on the Site or to their personal profile on one of the mentioned social networks if authentication is chosen through platforms such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Apple, or other means.
– Take responsibility for the accuracy and maintenance of the data entered during registration.
– Abide by the rules of the platform, behaving with civility and rigor expected from Crypto Avanza members.
– Maintain the personal and non-transferable nature of their registration, refraining from sharing it with third parties.
– Not engage in any actions that may harm Crypto Avanza, or any of its users, including attempts to breach system security or engage in undue use of commercial or advertising messages.
– Report any misuse of their personal account to Crypto Avanza by communicating with the contacts provided in point 10 of these Terms and Conditions.

4. Subscription Acquisition Procedure

By acquiring a Crypto Avanza Premium Subscription, users agree to the following terms:

– Payment data is stored and managed solely by platforms responsible for payment processing, with which Crypto Avanza has service provision agreements. Crypto Avanza does not store this data.
– Subscriptions are non-refundable under any circumstances. By purchasing a subscription, users acknowledge and agree that Crypto Avanza may change the conditions of the subscribed plan at any time.
– Subscribers also acknowledge that the Site may be subject to inherent characteristics of an online platform, including technical difficulties, network anomalies, and potential third-party interference that may impact service availability. Crypto Avanza cannot be held liable for damages caused by such impediments or vulnerabilities caused by third parties.

5. Suspension of Access

Crypto Avanza reserves the right to interrupt access to its website whenever necessary and for any duration deemed necessary.

6. Suspension of Comment Boxes

Crypto Avanza reserves the right to remove comment boxes from its website whenever necessary and for any duration deemed necessary.

7. Advertising/Sponsorship

The Crypto Avanza platforms do not contain advertising or references to commercial brands, products, and/or services.

8. Privacy Policy

For clarification regarding privacy and data protection policies, please refer to the Privacy Policy available at https://cryptoavanza.com/privacy-policy-2/

9. Sponsored Content

Crypto Avanza does not produce or publish brand-sponsored content.

10. Contact for Clarification

Crypto Avanza offers a clarification service for questions related to the use of its platforms, including these terms and conditions. Users may contact this service via email at info@cryptoavanza.com.

11. Interpretation and Jurisdiction

By using the Crypto Avanza website, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Thank you for choosing Crypto Avanza as your trusted source of cryptocurrency information.