This week Crypto Twitter: Argentina Fan Token, Trump Ponzi Cards, Binance Fud let’s grt into it

Argentina Won the World Cup Finally GOAT discussion closed but the Argentina Football Association Fan token was dumped after they won. Wft

ARG Token Dumped more than 50% after they won but we have some more interesting stories like Trump Digital Cards is a new pump and sump scheme

Me: Messi is a real GOAT so stop everyone

Argentina Won Fifa world cup

My Heart: Kylian Mbappe is a real GOAT

Argentina Football Association Fan Token

So, ARG Fan Token allows fans to have a tokenized share of influence on club decisions. Fans can engage in a wide variety of club decisions for example, choosing a goal celebration song or deciding which MMA fighters should face off and in doing so, earn rewards.

According to Coinmarketcap, the ARG token has a rank of 657 among crypto-listed tokens. This token is made on the Chiliz blockchain, which is also a sports and entertainment fintech.

Argentina Fan Token
Source Tradingveiw

Argentina finally The world Camhpion but the ARG token dumped more than 50% from $6.1 to $2.8 which means dumped over 100% compared to the $6 dollar price, But the fact is this token is dumped also when Argentina lost Saudia Arab on 22 November.

Me: Wtf they lost so token dump but they win also token dump. this is really f*ck f*cking f*ck

Note: This Coin is not associated with Messi and his team so relax crypto fans just relax this is natural in crypto don’t worry

Trump NFTs Greed and Fear

The former U.S President lunch Digital Trading cards which cost 99$ but now the price is around 0.3 Eth which is $250 Wow but listen the price is dropping after 0.8 ETH ($1000 USD) high and you can see the chart of this NFT 17 December is top high price now towards to the zero? Not, of course, this is a crypto everything is happening in this space.

Trump NFT
Source Opensea

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Binance ETH 2.0 Staking

Long time Binance give 11% APR on Ethereum Staking, it is another ponzi scheme how’s that possible is Ethereum deflation is fake? how binance gives 11% APR,

here the staking rewards is not 11% is a Upto 11% LMAO

Argentina Fan Token
source binance

Now the Binance Fud is getting slow down but here if market goes down again so everyone talking about Binance you can read my blog on Binance Fud for more Knowlegde

Argentina Fan Token

Keep building in blockchain technology always keep research when you get confused something stay unbaised

MEME of the day

Argentina Fan Token

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