We finally kicked Ethereum off our marketplace Says CEO of Paxful

"Bitcoin frees billions of people held by this evil system," said Youssef

Paxful is a people-to-people (P2P) platform for building a financial system it’s CEO announced the removal of Ethereum from our marketplace.

Today’s Twitter statementWe finally kicked #ethereum off our marketplace. 11.6m humans safer.” said Paxful CEO

Paxful is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency-exchange platform with 11.6 million users globally as the CEO mentioned in the tweet “11.6 million humans safer.” Ray Youssef shared a screenshot in which this is an email that was sent to Paxful’s 11.6 million users.

Ray Youssef is one of the co-founders of Paxful, a global P2P crypto marketplace with the goal of giving the world’s four billion unbanked and underbanked people control over their money through peer-to-peer transactions.

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The Biggest Problem in the World is Money

This email is personally written by the CEO of Paxful so starting with “The biggest problem in the world is economic apartheid, it’s a root of all of humanity’s pain”

HE claimed Paxful has a revenue is great but “integrity trumps all”  “I have made the decision to remove ETH from our marketplace.” he added

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WHY Paxful Removing Ethereum

Mainly CEO of Paxful Removing Ethereum because ETH shifted from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. On September 15 when ETH finally Merged and converted to POS consensus.

“Proof of Stake is the innovation that makes Bitcoin the only honest money,” said Ray Youssef in today’s newsletter. Youssef also blamed Eth as not decentralized which is operated by some group of companies that can manipulate the network.

Ray blamed ETH have some use cases in the real world which are credit and lending but ETH thriving because of tokenization. “The tokens that ETH has spawned have been scams that have robbed people of billions,” he said

In the end, he claimed our crypto space is under attack right now, he believes bitcoin believer comes with me to protect our crypto industry

“Bitcoin frees billions of people held by this evil system,” said Youssef

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