Web3 Disrupt organized by Xord Pakistan’s Biggest Web3 Event

Web3 Disrupt is a conference held on by Xord that is open to everyone and will let you explore Web3 in a way that no one else can. Dive into the modern era of technology that supports Web 3.0 while following the core components from industry leaders on Blockchain technology and its developing domains like Defi, NFTs, DAOs, GameFi, Metaverse, and many more!

The goal of the conference is to teach people more about what’s going on in blockchain right now and give them a better understanding of this growing field.

Xord is Web3 research and development company focused on in-depth research on the latest blockchain protocols and technologies for the global market.

Web3 Disrupt

Web3 Disrupt is a big event. From talks and panel discussions by thought leaders from some of the biggest Web3 companies in the world, like Solana Foundation and Ankr, to workshops and hackathons, as well as NFT giveaways, this is a real Web3 event.

Speakers & Panels

Starting from the session talking about welcome notes and session key points

1- First Speaker is Yurii a Co-Cofounder of WallChain is talking about how to build your way in web3 using DAOs


2- In Dapps UX/UI is the main issue of user experience, web3 user researcher Tyreek Speaks about web3 UX/UI design

3- Layer 1 blockchain Solana is 3rd most active chain developing dapps and transition, Solana Foundation Tech & Product Leadership Matt Sorg accelerating web3 with Solana’s ecosystem

4- Tokenmomis economy is also my favorite topic to discuss tomorrow by Mehdi Farroq, a Tokenomic Analyst at Animoca Brands.


5- Avanza Solution is a middleware provider and financial software solution company whose Global Head of Marketing Moazzam Kamran speaks about enterprise blockchain. The Avanza solution works closely on the blockchain financial system.


Panel discussion

  1. Most productive panel discussion  on NFTS, METAVERSE, & GAMING in which 5 talented members
  • Krinza Momin developer relations engineer at Ankr
  • Bilal Mazhar Chief Technology Officer at Manifest Studios
  • Pashmeena Noor Senior Software Engineer at Metaschool
  • Syed Noor Muhammad Chief Executive Officer at Expedite Design
  • Batool Aamir Chief Executive Officer at Oval

2. One of my interesting topics is the blockchain trilemma. The blockchain trilemma panel discussion tomorrow held by the CEO of  Xord Abdul Sami Khawaja, with the Xord family.


Web3 Disrupt is an event that has never been seen before in Karachi’s history. The event won’t just be sessions and panels; it will also meet the needs of Web2 and Web3 developers, which change all the time. Web3 Disrupt has set up 3 workshops that will be led by industry experts from Xord. These workshops will be a place for passionate people who want to get started in the Web3 ecosystem to learn and get hands-on experience.

Following are the workshops to be held on the event day:

  1. Blockchain Genesis: 
  2. SDLC on Steroids:
  3. UX in Web 3


Web3 Disrupt is holding the first Web3 hackathon in Pakistan for young entrepreneurs who are good at coming up with new ideas. The application process is ended now, Xord wants to give the shortlisted teams and individuals as much help as it can in the form of mentoring sessions. On the day of the event, the top three teams will present their ideas to the judges. The hackathon’s winner and runner-up will then receive prize money.

Career Building

A special panel on career advice will also be set up so that the people who attend can figure out what they are interested in with Web3 and start their journeys in this inevitable new era. This panel will have speakers from a variety of Web3 fields. They will also explain how people who are interested in Web3 can join this tech revolution based on their skills and knowledge.


Everyone who came, spoke, was a hackathon finalist, or took part in a workshop will get a POAP NFT as a thank-you gift for making this event such a huge success. In the future, you can use these NFTs to get special Web3 Disrupt benefits.

Closing Thoughts

I’m very interested in going to the Web3 Disrupt conference held on tomorrow 6 nov-2022 at IBA main Campus. Xord is doing such a great job of spreading the right knowledge about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 that I’m very impressed because they do next-level conferences about Web3, in which NFT, Metaverse, and P2E Gaming are in crypto space, and the two most important topics are blockchain trilemma and tokenomics economy. Because crypto is just a domain, you should learn blockchain in depth and about the three concepts of blockchain trilemma, as well as the next-level tokenomics ecomony. This is very remarkable work by Xord to educate our youth to do the right thing in cryptospace and contribute our knowledge to the next generation of the internet.

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