XRP Healthcare partners with LBank Exchange to expand its global reach

Credits: CryptoAvanza

London: The combination of (XRPH) and (USDT) will be included in the roster of tradable assets on the LBank exchange starting on August 16th at 11:00 UTC.

LBank, founded in 2015, stands as one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges. It specializes in providing tailored financial derivatives, proficient asset management services, and secure cryptocurrency trading options to its user base. With a presence in more than 210 regions globally, the platform boasts a user count surpassing 9 million.

XRP Healthcare is an innovative company that has established itself as the first pharmaceutical and healthcare platform built upon the XRP Ledger. It leverages Web3 technology to transform global access to and affordability of healthcare services.

In the near future, XRP Healthcare will introduce an app and a decentralized marketplace. These platforms will enable users to purchase a variety of both conventional and unconventional medications using their native token, XRPH.

The offerings will encompass cost-effective generic medications, CBD oil and isolates, as well as other alternative supplements for both trade and retail purposes.

Notable recent partnerships include being the first to supply NASA-designed ventilators to Uganda, as well as a substantial collaboration with United Networks of America (UNA).

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UNA, a leading healthcare network solutions provider, facilitated the establishment of the XRP Healthcare prescription savings card.

This initiative empowers users to save up to 80% on medications and prescriptions at over 68,000 pharmacies in the USA, including major names like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

XRP Healthcare’s subsidiary, XRP Healthcare Africa, has additionally teamed up with a Ugandan-based M&A company, The Burnratty Investment Group. The aim is to consolidate and lead the fragmented healthcare sector in Africa by acquiring profitable private medical centers, pharmacies, and hospitals.

This will be followed by comprehensive upgrades in terms of buildings, payment systems, services, training, and equipment. Notably, the NASA-designed ventilator and the (XRPH) token will play pivotal roles in this endeavor.

The highly anticipated listing on the LBank exchange is poised to enhance the liquidity of the (XRPH) token, thereby positioning the project to attract a global consumer base.

Lastly, it’s important to mention that XRPH has initiated a mechanism to limit its token issuance. This means that the total token supply will remain capped at 100 million, preventing any future increases.