Zhao comment on “Self-Custody” create more debate “Binance Fud”

"old school media trying to push people further along the adoption curve in crypto. So that part actually is not that bad." Zhao Said

December 14, Morning 11:30 am UTC Binance Twitter Space, in which Zhao answers lots of questions about recent Binance FUD, This Twiiter Space run more than 1 hours in which lots of question ask to Changpeng Zhao about binance related insolvent Fud, Crypto Regulations and Defi.

In this Twitter “CZ AMA” someone asked question about crypto holding in cold wallet So Zhao recommed users are more likely to lose crypto holding it in a hardware wallet. “For most people, for 99% of people today, asking them to hold crypto on their own, they will end up losing it,” he added

This News is first covered by decrypt but CryptoAvanza also covered “CZ AMA” in detailed in which CEO of Binance explain the FUD which is surround around BNB and exchange.

CZ Statement against the Self-Custody

Zhao is not against Self Custody but some journalist create a FUD is just because of news, In this Twitter AMA someone asked insteresting question to CZ “I was just wondering like if you weren’t doing Binance right now in this like and you are this market as a first time founder, what would you work on if it were if it wasn’t Binance?” he asked question.

Zhao said first telling his background which is comes from trading systems developer “my experience I’ve much more suited to run a centralized exchange just like no” he added

He also explain if Binance is not exist there are lot of Defi oppotunities “DeFi which is you know pretty hot a lot of people moving money to defi right now” he added

He also Critized Mainstream Media and called “old school media” They pused user moving towards Decentralized platfoem. “Old school media trying to push people further along the adoption curve in crypto. So that part actually is not that bad.” he added

Zhao also express his Defi contribution “We also offer we also contribute and offer solutions that we have Defi wallet, trust wallet.”

“We contribute to a lot of investing a lot of other DeFi projects, so the more the more crypto adoption the better.” he added

Zhao also said “I always recommend people is you’ve got to find the intersection of what you can do well, what you’re interested in and what valuable, So I don’t think that’s a general advice for everybody to do something.” “But for me, if I don’t do, I probably would be working on DeFi.” he added

In Above Conver Zhao is likely unhappy with mainstream media because they create FUD for Binance

“The whole world is in volatility and moving around and just shaking, we just gotta be the stable guys, So we just gotta keep our heads down, make sure, make sure our platform is solid.” Said Zhao

In Recent developing Stories

  • Sam Bankman Fired arreted 
  • Kevin O’Leary blamed Binance to FTX insolvent
  • CZ Binance words war with Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary is a “Shark Tank” host and entrepreneur and also a FTX spokesperson because SBF gives 15 million.

O’Leary blamed Binance for the failure of FTX. According to what O’Leary said, Binance and FTX were at war with each other because Binance intentionally put FTX out of business.

“Maybe there is nothing wrong with love and war, but Binance is a massive unregulated global monopoly now; they put FTX out of business,” said O’ Leary before the congressional hearing on Wednesday.

This story is contiun on twitter follow CZ to get live news

Binance Proof When 6 Billion Withdrawal pressure when Binance Fud around in Twitter

Binance saw over $6 Billion in withdrawals yesterday, But it got more deposits $6.56 Billion than withdrawals. The overall volume $12.6 Billion.

The story developing more so connect with us…

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