Binance Permanently Delete users account due to “Internal Risk Assessment”

On December 14, a user on Twitter responded to Zhao, claiming Binance deactivated his account due to a complaint about a third-party tool. “Why is my Binance “verified account”, being put on a “deactivation notice”, for what I don’t know about.. really stressing the hell out of me.” said a Twitter user.

This email exchange told a victim “your account has been flagged by a third-party compliance tool and we have taken a tough decision to terminate the service.”

But Binance is fully accessed to users to withdraw crypto assets “You may fully withdraw your funds, and we ask that you do it before 2022-12-21” said in an email

After the date expired your account is permanently deactivated. said the world’s largest crypto exchange.

But Binance never responds to the victim of account deactivation. Crypto Avanza also approached Binance customer support on Twitter, but they have not responded at the time of this writing.

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Crypto Avanza Found the user on Reddit

In Reddit, the victim of the suspended account posted a message in the Binance community saying, “Account deactivation notice” — real?

In this post, he shared an email. He used Binance last July, then logged into his Binance account and couldn’t find any indication that it had been terminated. “I can think of any reason why my account would be terminated,” he added.

Binance Customer Support responds, and he asks for the case ID, which is 98238984.

“Hello! We have checked your case and our team has provided information for your inquiry, so kindly check the chat. The chat is closed due to inactivity, if you need further support, we’d suggest you to open a new chat with us. Thank you!” Binance customer service stated

The user respond they already contact customer chat support but they never helped him

“I’m already KYCd, what is needed from me to cancel the termination?” he added

The user shared the Screenshot in which he chat with the CS agent, “they’ve just told me the same thing as before, not helped” he added

Binance Permanently Delete users account
source Reddit
Binance Permanently Delete users account
source Reddit picture 2

In this last message from the CS agent, the account is permanently deactivated because of an internal risk assessment or geographic restriction.

The user is from British he said “ok it seems I was banned for being British lmao”

“I’m fully KYC and not in a sanctioned country, what is going on at Binance?” he asked after his account was suspended. “An account with zero balance is an internal risk apparently,” he said

Another user of Reddit claimed that this same email was also sent to Binance and my account has opened my leverage position which is closed in closed because my account got suspended.

“Same happened to me also. They’re not giving proper reasons and telling me to withdraw my fund. I also have an open position which I have to close at -$7460. I’m also KYC and didn’t trade for the last couple of months. Case id# 98228052. Worst CS experience ever. I’ve asked for details and they just simply told me they’re sorry and can’t give you details on this.” Reddit user

In previous Coinmamba a crypto trader account closed because of CEO Binance. the victim said on his Twitter account

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