BNB chain

Image Credits: Cryptopolitan

BNB Chain’s core development team has unveiled opBNB, a Layer 2 network geared towards enhancing the scalability of decentralized applications (dapps). This exciting announcement follows an extensive testing phase, during which the team diligently ensured the network’s reliability.

opBNB leverages Optimism’s software package, known as OP Stack. As a Layer 2 scaling solution, its primary objective is to empower developers to deploy Ethereum-compatible dapps on an off-chain layer.

These dapps are subsequently safeguarded by the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) through optimistic rollup technology. The ultimate aim is to expedite transaction processing and curtail fees associated with dapps.

The journey to opBNB’s public mainnet launch began in June with the initiation of the opBNB testnet.

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This was followed by a limited mainnet release in August, which was exclusively accessible to a select group of infrastructure providers. The culmination of this journey is marked by opBNB’s eagerly awaited public launch.

opBNB completes testing

Arno Bauer, Senior Solution Architect at BNB Chain, emphasized, “Scalability and security remain the paramount priorities for opBNB. Before opening the mainnet to the general public, strict criteria were met.”

opBNB is a vital component of the broader BNB Chain ecosystem, which comprises five distinct networks.

These include the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), a Layer 1 blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM); Layer-2 solutions opBNB and zkBNB; the BNB Beacon Chain, serving as the ecosystem’s staking and governance layer; and the data storage network, BNB Greenfield.

With the launch of opBNB’s public mainnet, BNB Chain continues to make strides in the world of blockchain technology, offering developers and users alike a promising platform for building and utilizing scalable dapps. As the ecosystem expands, it brings us one step closer to a more efficient and cost-effective blockchain experience.