Crypto Community Reacts to SBF's Latest Developments

Image Credits: Bloomberg

  • Advocates have filed a complaint with a judge, claiming his dietary choices are not being taken into consideration properly.
  • SBF’s legal team has requested access to computers, a proper diet, and necessary medication for his trial.
  • Bankman-Fried was denied bail earlier this month due to evidence suggesting he was attempting to influence witnesses.

SBF, Sam Bankman Fried, has once again caught everyone’s attention with some new legal troubles. The former tech billionaire, who has faced controversies in the past, is now claiming that he sticking to a basic diet of bread, water, peanut butter, and what he’s calling a “flesh diet.”

Advocates who support SBF have officially raised a complaint with a judge, alleging that his dietary choices aren’t being taken into consideration properly. They’re asserting that his disrupted eating habits are preventing him from adequately preparing for his upcoming trial.

In addition to the dietary concerns, SBF’s legal team has also approached the court, requesting access to computers, a proper diet, and necessary medication to help him get ready for his trial, scheduled for October 3rd. It’s come to light that SBF’s legal team has brought up issues regarding his access to Adderall, a medication typically used to treat ADHD, multiple times following his arrest.

Earlier this month, Bankman-Fried was denied bail due to evidence suggesting he was attempting to influence and even threaten witnesses involved in his case. His decision to make public personal diary entries from his ex-colleague and former girlfriend, Caroline Ellison, was interpreted as a malicious move to prevent her from appearing as a witness at the trial.

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In an attempt to address the situation, Christian Everdell, SBF’s attorney, expressed, “He’s facing considerable challenges in preparing his defense.” In response, Judge Sarah Netbrun acknowledged these concerns and stated she would take the medication and dietary requests into account. However, she made it clear that previous rulings limiting access to computers would stand.

The downfall of FTX had been a public spectacle for a while, giving the cryptocurrency community an up-close look at Bankman-Fried’s actions. This latest development, like others before it, hasn’t resonated well with the community. One Twitter user remarked, “The SBF drama keeps on going… typical problems of the wealthy,” while another suggested, “Maybe he should consider a hunger strike.” It’s evident that the community no longer sympathizes with the once-trusted figure in the crypto world.