DMCC x TDeFi Web3 Incubator Program

Image Credits: Tutorialspoint

DMCC, the leading authority in Dubai for commodities trade and business, is teaming up with TDeFi, a global Web3 incubator and consultancy firm, to launch the second cohort of their Web3 startup incubator program at the DMCC Crypto Centre. This program is aimed at helping promising Web3 startups establish themselves and succeed in the growing crypto and blockchain space.

Applications are currently open, and the deadline to apply is September 1, 2023. Successful applicants will not only receive support and guidance from DMCC to set up their operations within the DMCC Crypto Centre but also have the opportunity to secure a $100,000 investment from TDeFi, provided they meet specific criteria.


The program spans five weeks and is designed to boost the participants’ expertise in various areas, including refining their business strategies, ensuring compliance with Web3 standards, and effective marketing. It will culminate in a fundraising event targeted at venture capitalists, creating a platform for new and innovative Web3 startups to flourish in Dubai.

Gaurav Dubey, CEO of TDeFi, expressed his excitement about the partnership with DMCC and their mission to nurture these startups into successful businesses. He mentioned that their accelerator program is tailored to prepare early-stage Web3 companies for VC funding and real-world operations, covering everything from initial ideation to scaling strategies.

Building on the success of its first round in March, this second cohort is now underway, with 15 Web3 businesses having completed the program in the inaugural round. The program offers a wealth of knowledge through over 20 mentoring sessions led by senior figures in the Web3 industry, including experts from organizations like Coinbase Singapore, StepN, Footprint Analytics, Hacken, Enjin, and more.

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Participants in the program will gain valuable insights on a wide range of topics, from compliance best practices to the intricacies of Token Engineering and Markets Management. This comprehensive learning journey is expected to attract a new wave of Web3 enterprises to Dubai and help transform emerging concepts into thriving businesses under the guidance of industry experts.

It’s worth highlighting that the DMCC Crypto Centre provides a holistic ecosystem tailored to companies working in Web3 and blockchain technologies, along with a range of related value-added services. This initiative aims to position Dubai as a hub for innovative Web3 ventures, further contributing to the growth of the global crypto and blockchain industry.