DTC App Offers Variety of Digital Services

Image Credits: Unsplash

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has some exciting news to share from its subsidiary, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC). They’ve just introduced four new smart and innovative features to their digital app, known as the DTC App. This move is part of DTC’s larger strategy to embrace digital transformation and provide modern, safe, and sustainable digital transportation options. This effort reflects Dubai’s commitment to staying at the forefront of transportation services on a global scale.

Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, the Director of Digital Transformation and Commercial Development at Dubai Taxi Corporation, expressed how these new services are in line with the leadership’s vision to advance the digital transformation journey for the community. DTC is known for its groundbreaking approach to innovative and smart services that meet international standards. Their aim is to continuously enhance their performance and achieve their strategic goals of delivering cutting-edge digital and sustainable transportation that brings happiness to people.

Among the impressive new offerings is the ‘Hourly Rental’ service. This service is designed to accommodate the needs of residents, tourists, and business folks alike. It’s also a great fit for hotels, tour operators, airlines, and various public and private organizations. With this service, users can enjoy multiple nonstop trips without specifying exact destinations. Passengers have the freedom to guide the driver to various locations. This service is particularly beneficial for business executives who can use a single limousine for multiple meetings and stops during their business trips. It’s available 24/7, making it easy for users to complete their journeys using just one vehicle, saving them time, hassle, and money.

DTC has also introduced the ‘Lost and Found Service,’ a thoughtful addition for passengers who misplace their belongings during a trip. They can now connect with the driver or use the Lost Item Request feature on the DTC App to arrange for the return of their lost items.

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Additionally, DTC has included the ‘Meet Me Here’ service in its smart app. This feature allows users to share their exact location with friends, making it simpler to meet up at a planned destination. Moreover, the ‘Share My Trip Status’ service allows users to keep their family and friends informed about their trip by sharing details about their route, estimated arrival time, and other important information.

Al-Meer highlighted that DTC is committed to sustainable development and innovative digital services. They plan to make use of artificial intelligence, smart systems, and automation to provide transportation services in an exceptional digital manner. This approach positions DTC as a leader in the smart transportation industry and contributes to Dubai’s sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Through the DTC App, users have access to a variety of digital services that allow them to easily book limousines and other transportation options. The advanced technologies integrated into the app make booking different transportation services faster and more convenient for users.