• Russia is launching its own digital currency, the digital ruble, to test its functionality in real-life situations in 11 cities, including Moscow.
  • Around 600 regular people and 30 companies will participate in the trial run, with the goal of bringing in more people.
  • The digital ruble will also make its debut in the Moscow subway, allowing people to try transactions while riding trains.
  • Moscow transportation overseer Maxim Liksutov believes the subway is an ideal place to try new things, and the digital ruble could potentially expand its use to other modes of transportation.

Russia is stepping into the digital currency world with its own version, the digital ruble. They’re getting ready to test it out in real-life situations involving actual people in 11 cities, including Moscow. This trial run is set to kick off on August 15.

About 600 regular folks and 30 companies are going to take part in this initial phase. If everything goes well and their activities are verified successfully, they’ll bring in more people. The digital ruble will even make its debut in the Moscow subway, allowing people to try out transactions with it while riding the trains.

Maxim Liksutov, who helps oversee transportation in Moscow, thinks the subway is a great place to try out new things. He’s talking about using the digital ruble to buy subway tickets and maybe even expanding its use to other ways of getting around the city.

Some big Russian banks are also jumping in on this testing. They’re going to be part of real transactions with real people. One of the folks from Sovcombank, Sergey Khotimsky, talked about how they want to make using the digital ruble just as cool and profitable as using regular money, kind of like how they made electronic banking a thing.

But don’t worry, the digital ruble isn’t meant to replace regular money or the electronic money we’re used to. It’s more like an addition to the bunch. The government gave the thumbs up for this digital ruble idea back in July, so it’s on its way to becoming a real part of how money works in Russia.

As for what happens next, well, that’s still up in the air. People are chatting and guessing in the comments about what Russia might do next with this whole digital currency thing.