Solana Biggest Stake Change 49.61 Sol ($982M) unstake | Epoch 370 what’s next?

We know Alameda Research’s early entry in Solana, Sam bankman-fried biggest investment in Sol Ater the collapse of the FTT token FTX surfed a bank run and the user is hurt too much because FTX is the third biggest exchange in crypto space according to coingecko which has no liquidity to give users.

Sol is hurt a lot because SBF has a heavy investment in Solana’s ecosystem after the bank run situation SBF sold all coins like Do Won when Luna crashed Now Solana validators and whales unstake Sol because they want an exit from Solana we see that Sol have 2nd heavy dump as compare to FTX exchange native token FTT.

According to the on-chain Solana validator activity show 49.61 million $Sol unstake,19.61 million Solana is wroth around $982 million which is huge

solana onchain

According to the Sol protocol, every change in stake or un-stake validator is required 48 hours time to change the state. When Epoch 370 is over, 49.77M $SOL can be withdrawn and sold to the market.

Solana onchain
Solana compase

Here you can see which whales stop staking $SOL. Follow them to see when they withdraw $SOL and transfer out.

Conclusion about what we do Long Or Short

We see our above discussion on what happing in On-chain in Solana validator behavior and all over the market sentiment is negative but here we do going short at this time we waited for 18 hours to Unstake getting closed then we took  a short of around 12$ to 13$ otherwise we put stop loss around 10% risk so here is my strategy if you like my story so follow me on DefiHumair

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