Breaking: CEO of Nas Daily Exposure to Failure Silicon Valley Bank

Nuseir Yassin, CEO of Nas Daily, breaks his silence on Silicon Valley Bank about the ongoing bank run situation in the United States because he has exposure to SBV and his money is stuck in this bank.

On Friday California banking regulators closed SVB Financial Group (SIVB.O), the largest bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis, moving quickly to protect depositors as a crisis at the startup-focused lender rippled through global markets and hit banking stocks.

Nas Daily was started as a vlogging page on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It became well-known after its founder, Nuseir Yassin, took up the challenge of making one-minute videos for 1000 days. He travelled the world to make Nas Daily vlogs happen and enjoyable for his viewers. source

Today he wrote a tweet in which he said “Crap. I have personal money in SVB. But it’s less than $250k” we all know “Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is No More” 

He also endorsed Satoshi Nakamoto and stated that “Today, I finally understand the anger that led to the creation of Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin is created in 2008 during the great financial crisis and now SVB’s failure again smells like a great financial crisis.

“Who do you trust with ur livelihood? A “gov insured” bank that’s not actually insured? An exchange that goes bust? A stablecoin that depegs? Or a currency that makes you 8% poorer every year?” he added

Nuseir Yassin’s tweet shows he was very upset about this type of bank failure that’s why he made a tweet and opened support the Bitcoin

So much money stuck of Nas Daily here he’s statement “Crap. I have personal money in SVB. But it’s less than $250k, so I’ll get it back on Monday. Federal insurance saved my personal ass. It’s a great initiative. The only problem? It is useless for businesses. They need a higher limit! Who’s fixing this?” 

His money is fully insured; that’s why he saved, but he raised the question: “This FDIC is useless for business; who’s going to fix it?  

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