First NFT Collection

Credits: Crypto Avanza

  • Coca-Cola has launched its first NFT collection, called Masterpiece.
  • The collection features a mix of classic and contemporary artworks from around the world.
  • The collection is being hosted on Coinbase’s Layer 2 blockchain, Base, as part of the company’s Onchain Summer event.

Coca-Cola has entered the digital art realm by revealing its very first NFT collection, called “Masterpiece.” This marks a significant move as the giant company joins the trend of embracing non-fungible tokens. The launch took place on Coinbase’s Layer 2 blockchain platform, Base, in conjunction with their Onchain Summer event.

The Masterpiece collection, as described in an official statement on August 13th, brings together an intriguing mix of art. It includes timeless classics like Edvard Munch’s renowned piece “The Scream” and Johannes Vermeer’s iconic “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” But it doesn’t stop there – the collection also showcases contemporary creations from artists like Aket and Vikram Kushwah.

What’s particularly fascinating about this collection is how it seamlessly blends the artistic brilliance of both traditional and modern artisans from across the globe. This provides a unique platform for artists to showcase their talents on an international scale. For example, Fatma Ramadan, a visual artist from Egypt, expressed her pride in being a part of Masterpiece: “I’m excited to contribute to Masterpiece alongside artists from all over the world.”

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Interestingly, these artworks have a history. They were previously featured in Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece Global Campaign, adding a new layer of depth to their transformation into the digital NFT format. The company aims to make these captivating works accessible to art enthusiasts participating in the Onchain Summer event.

Coinbase, hosting this NFT launch, took to Twitter to celebrate: “Coca-Cola is bringing their Global Masterpiece campaign onchain with iconic works from leading artists.”

Coca-Cola emphasizes that this NFT collection isn’t just about art; it represents a dynamic fusion of art, technology, and human connections. By embracing this modern approach, the platform breaks free from the constraints of traditional art forms, offering a richer and more expansive global experience.