Top 20 Crypto Research Tools To Help You Find The Best Coins

What’s the secret of the most successful traders? Crypto is a rapidly growing market that can be overwhelming to navigate and especially for those who are new to the space. With thousands of coins available, it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth investing in. However, several research tools are available to help you find the best coins.

Here are the Top 20 Crypto Research Tools for traders and investors

Crypto Research Tools

We all know every crypto transaction is saved in the blockchain ledger, which is called “on-chain data,” and to be very honest, non-technical or even technical guys cannot easily analyse this transaction because the UIUX also has a complicated wallet address, which makes it more complicated to analyse transactions.

So, first, we see some of the best visualisation tools for crypto wallet tracking and tracking wallet connections that can accurately predict what the whale’s account is doing right now, and then you decide what the whale’s account buys or sells and which coins.

1-Bubble Maps

Bubble Maps is a data visualization platform that makes research and analysis more accessible and convenient for users. Unique and colourful bubbles make on-chain data easy to understand. Investigate wallets, reveal connections, and see through the noise of blockchain data.

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Breadcrumbs is an open blockchain analytics platform. It offers a set of tools that empower you to trace and monitor cryptographic transactions. The Investigation Tool is designed for you to track and trace the origin and destination of crypto funds.

  • Over 50 million ETH and BTC addresses identified
  • Support for ERC20 tokens available
  • Filter by Time, Filter by Token
  • Privacy and collaboration features are available

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3- Arkham

Arkham is a platform for intelligence that provides information on the real-world entities and individuals behind the crypto market activity. View a comprehensive view of any entity’s or address’s activities. You can see their portfolio, historical balances, exchange usage, profit and loss statement, top counterparties, and a list of transactions that can be sorted and filtered.

  • View their top counterparties
  • Query and filter recent transactions
  • Review their exchange usage and volume
  • Visualize their on-chain activities
  • Set alerts for their transactions

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4- Scope

0xScope can merge Web2 and Web3 data into a knowledge graph, enabling developers to launch cutting-edge applications with powerful insights. The 0xScope Protocol Entities enable a new generation of data queries that can analyse and visualise complex data relationships.

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These four Crypto Research tools are the best for tracing and tracking wallets, but the next two are the best for whale watching and portfolio management. You can make massive gains by wallet-watching. tracker

5- Debanks

This is a leading Web3 portfolio tracker that supports the largest number of DeFi protocols across 44 chains. you can easily track the whale’s accounts and earn money when they made

6- Zapper

you can easily track the whale’s accounts and earn money when they made

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The next 6 Crypto Research tools are the best for real-time analytical tools that made you a pro trader.

7- Blockpour

Crypto traders can use Blockpour’s real-time data feed and user-friendly cross-chain interface to identify trends and opportunities across DEXs, DApps, and AMMs. Blockpour is chain-independent and offers comprehensive multichain aggregation across all of its tools and datasets.

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8- Nansen

It’s a top-notch real-time analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels.

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9- Santiment

Santiment makes powerful on-chain, social, and financial analysis accessible to anyone. Interactive reports let you query crypto market data with only a few clicks and see visualisations in seconds.
  • Financial datasets
  • On-chain datasets
  • Social datasets

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10- Messari

Messari is a data analytics and research firm dedicated to organising and contextualising information for cryptocurrency professionals. Analysts and enterprises can use Messari to analyse, research, and stay on top of the crypto world – all while trusting the integrity of the underlying data.

As an aggregator of information, data, and research, Messari has become one of the most well-known names in cryptocurrency. Their website receives hundreds of thousands of visitors per month and offers one of the most comprehensive data platforms for charting and advanced metrics for crypto assets, with both a free tier and paid subscriptions.

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11- Token Terminal

Token Terminal is a platform that aggregates financial data on blockchains and decentralized applications (dapps) that run on blockchains.

12- Chain Edge

This tool is created by OnChain Wizard. Chain Edge is a tool that shows you token flows from smart wallets. Simply search for any DeFi token that is available, and you can see the token flows and address count immediately. The beta is currently free and worth taking a look at.

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So the next two tools are ideal for a venture capital portfolio to determine which projects to invest in.

13- CryptoRank

This is a platform for checking information about different crypto assets. CryptoRank can be a useful tool for anyone looking to invest in or trade cryptocurrencies, providing valuable market data, sentiment analysis, and portfolio tracking tools.

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14- Dove Metrics

MessariCrypto has acquired Dove Metrics assets. The Messari Team will integrate the assets into their data and research product.

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So here are the next 2 Crypto Research tools: tracking, which unlocks staking in validators and delegation in layer 1 proof of stake blockchain.

15- Token Unlock

This tool is incredible for keeping one token and seeing which one is unlocking the token amount.

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16- Unlock Calendar

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The next four tools are best for crypto data analyst

17- DefiLlama

The Total Locked Value (TVL) is the total dollar value of crypto assets deposited on a blockchain, decentralised application, or specific project. DeFi Llama monitors over 800 DeFi protocols from over 80 blockchains.

You can distinguish the TVLs of:

  • Decentralized apps
  • Layer 1 blockchains
  • NFT projects

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18- Dapp Radar

DappRadar aggregates and ranks dapps on a single platform. Users can track the progress of dapps, analyse their performance over time, and discover new ones.

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19- Dune

Dune Analytics is a community-based open-source data provider that allows anyone to publish and access real-time crypto trends. 

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20- Artemis

This is a great tool for Excel Maxi because it created easy access and easy visualisation of data in Google Sheets, which is amazing.

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The more you know, the more you grow

These Crypto Research Tools can assist you in learning more about specific cryptocurrencies as well as identifying exciting trading opportunities. More importantly, they will assist you in expanding your knowledge and becoming a more knowledgeable trader.

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