Unlocking 10x to 100x Crypto Gains: The Next Crypto Narratives Revealed in ‘The Crypto Crystal Ball’ Guide

As we all know, the market is directly related to the crypto narratives; in 2020, the Defi narrative boom in the crypto space, in just under one year the DeFi tokens market volume from $700 million in January to $15 billion in December. 

Because the narrative is pumped hard, this $15 billion crossed $180 billion in the 2021 bull run, and we all know the next huge narrative is NFT. Starting in 2021, sales in Q1 are around $1.2 billion; by the year’s end, total sales in just one year are at $25 billion

In 2023, Chatgpt is hyping and the AI narrative will drive the market, but there will be many more narratives. We discuss all of this in this article, so let’s take a deep dive.

What are Crypto Narratives?

Crypto narratives refer to the prevailing stories, ideas, and beliefs within the cryptocurrency market that shape investor sentiment and influence investment decisions. These narratives can be based on various factors, such as technological advancements, market trends, government policies, or the actions of influential individuals within the cryptocurrency space.

Crypto narratives can be a powerful force in the market, as they can influence the demand for certain cryptocurrencies and impact their value.

Here I discuss the top 20 narratives in crypto! and also the best Twitter thread, which explains much more about the narrative; in addition, the top tokens for each project Some of the narratives listed are older but have huge potential to grow in the future; some might be exhausted, and some are yet to explode.

1- Perpetual DEXes

Crypto Narratives Perpetual DEXes

In 2022, DEX derivatives exploded, with leading players Derivatives are financial contracts whose value is determined by an underlying asset, group of assets, or benchmark.

Derivatives are the world’s largest financial markets, with notional values ranging from $600T to $1Q.

According to the Marketmediagroup, the crypto derivatives market reached a peak of $4.96 trillion in 2021, and the majority of crypto trading in February 2022, 62.7%, was in derivatives rather than spot markets.

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency futures exchange, accounted for nearly half of the total volumes (47.3%).

Crypto Narratives

Following the FTX exchange meltdown, the market lost trust in other large exchanges, prompting crypto enthusiasts to migrate to their decentralised exchanges for perpetual trading. Here are some high-potential projects.

Read More in the below Twitter thread

2-Layer2 (L2)

Crypto Narratives Layer2 (L2)

We all know crypto projects are based on blockchain, and blockchain has three components: decentralisation, security, and scalability. The amazing thing is that all three components don’t fit in one blockchain; this is called the blockchain trilemma. So some crypto L1 projects provide decentralisation and security, while others provide scalability and security; the more decentralised the blockchain, the less scalability it has, and the less decentralised it is, the more scalable it is.

Blockchain Trilemma
Blockchain Trilemma

So the Layer 1 chain wants all of the things in one blockchain, so that is why the Layer 2 phenomenon is presented, the polygon is the best example of an L2 solution which is a side chain of Ethereum that provides scalability.

here is some best project which scales the Ethereum blockchain and keep eye on it

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3-Real Yield

Crypto Narratives Real Yield
Real Yield

This narrative is brewing in DeFi. It’s called “Real Yield”, where protocols payout yield to users based on revenue generation.

Real Yield is classified as yield derived from the generation of “real” revenue, as opposed to revenue derived from token emissions. Real Yield operates reflexively: More revenue = more yield paid to users and vice versa.

Here are some favourite real-yield projects that generate yield via actual revenue generation.

4- Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD)

Crypto Narratives Liquid Staking Derivatives
Liquid Staking Derivatives

Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) are a type of token on the Ethereum mainnet that allow users to participate in staking without having to lock up their funds for a long period of time.

By depositing ETH into a smart contract, users can receive an LSD token, which represents their staked ETH and accrues value based on rewards in the network. When withdrawals are enabled after the Shanghai fork, users can redeem their LSD tokens for the underlying ETH along with any additional ETH from the staking yield.

LSDs offer users the opportunity to earn rewards from staking while still retaining access to their funds and taking advantage of price fluctuations in the market.

With several main LSDs available, users have the option to choose the one that best fits their needs and investment strategies.

5- (Zero-Knowledge) ZK-EVM

(Zero-Knowledge) ZK-EVM
(Zero-Knowledge) ZK-EVM

The Ethereum network is slow and expensive, so many have tried to create rollups on top of it to make transactions faster and cheaper.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows developers to write smart contracts in Solidity and makes protocols compatible with the existing Ethereum ecosystem.

ZK-rollups are a faster and cheaper alternative to Ethereum’s Layer 1 network, can be their own independent network, and are part of Ethereum’s scaling plan.

Some important points:

  • ZK-rollups are much faster and cheaper to transact on than Layer 1 Ethereum
  • ZK-rollups don’t necessarily have to settle back to Ethereum, they can become their own independent Layer One network
  • ZK-rollups are a key part of Ethereum’s scaling plan
Source L2beats

Here are some great projects in which some have tokens some are ready to lunch

6- On-chain Option trading

On-chain Option trading
On-chain Option trading

DeFi options are becoming increasingly popular, with 42 protocols listed on DefiLlama and a combined TVL of $220 million. Robinhood’s success with options trading, which accounted for 45% of their fees in 2021, suggests that there is a large market for this type of financial product.

While TVL is not a perfect metric, it is still important for structured options products and liquidity pool marketplaces. Ribbon Finance is currently the leader in DeFi options protocols.

Options TVL Rankings
source: Defillama

7- Liquidity Provider (LP) hedging

Liquidity Provider (LP) hedging
Liquidity Provider (LP) hedging

Crypto liquidity providers are companies or entities that offer buy and sell-side liquidity to cryptocurrency exchanges. They provide the ability for traders to make a transaction within seconds, increasing their chances of executing trades at desirable prices.

They also ensure that traders can move funds in and out of crypto exchanges with ease due to their sophisticated risk management systems. The top crypto liquidity providers in 2023 are predicted to be:

8- Modular blockchains

Modular blockchains
Modular blockchains

Modular blockchains are gaining attention as a potential game-changer in the crypto industry. This blockchain architecture separates data, transaction processing, and consensus processing into different modules that can be developed by different parties and then linked together.

This approach allows for more flexibility and customization in blockchain design, potentially opening up new possibilities for innovation in the industry. It is seen as a growing narrative for the next bull run.

Here are some top projects good luck is that the project’s token not releasing yet so keep eye on it

Read More in the below Twitter thread

9- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The crypto-AI narrative is a firestorm! The next bull run is likely to result in 50x overvaluations. Research now and find the next AI.

Read More in the below Twitter thread

10- EigenLayer

Source: EigenLayer

EigenLayer is a protocol on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a new method for enhancing security. Restaking allows users to rehypothecate their staked $ETH and extend security to more applications on the network through EigenLayer smart contracts.

EigenLayer’s potential lies in its ability to aggregate and extend crypto-economic security through restaking, and validating new applications built on Ethereum.

No discord. No airdrop announcement. No token details. Not a lot, yet. Real alpha, hidden in Coinbase’s 2023 Report.

Read More in the below Twitter thread

11- Omnichain


Omnichain is the foundation of a protocol that allows for the simple transfer of assets between chains. Transferring funds from Ethereum to Solana or vice versa.

Keep eye on this emerging narrative in crypto

12- Crosschain


13- Privacy

Privacy Crypto
Privacy Crypto

14- Real World Assets (RWA)

Real World Assets (RWA)
Real World Assets (RWA)

The Real-World asset revolution in Defi is already here, but many aren’t paying enough attention yet. Here’s the current state of RWAs to help you catch the wave.

15- NFT-FI


16- Gaming/Metaverse

Metaverse crypto
Metaverse crypto


17- Predicting Markets/Gambling

Predicting Markets
Predicting Markets

18- Soulbound tokens (SBT)

Soulbound tokens
Soulbound tokens

19- Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction
Source: Argent

20- Composable Networks

Composable Networks
Composable Networks

Disclaimer on Crypto Narratives

This is not an endorsement of any of the projects/tokens or crypto narratives listed below. The goal is just to share an exhaustive list of the strongest narratives in this space. This is not financial advice. Just an educational post.

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