We are financially Strong? “Binance Fud” “Trump Nfts” Juicy week

Fud is only about Proof Of Reserve which is introduced by CZ when FTX drama So that means Fud is created by the CEO of Binance. Wow WTF again

Binance CEO said “we are financially Strong” so why is the Crypto Twitter family talking more about “Binance Fud”?

This week SBF is finally in jail but he wants a Vegan meal behind the bars. Donald Trump Sold $4.4 million “Digital Trading Cards” in just 12 hours. Mazars the audit firm which is auditing Binance Proof of Reserve told Bloomberg that it is suspending its work with crypto companies on proofs-of-reserves. “WTF”

So Fud is only about Proof Of Reserve which is introduced by CZ when FTX drama So that means Fud is created by the CEO of Binance. Wow WTF again

Proof Of Reserve Mazars Fud?

On December 7 when Mazars the audit firm share Binance’s Proof of reserve report in which the audit firm said that Binance has 101% over-collateralized. WOW wait wait!! this is an AUP audit which is not a complete audit.. Wtf.. the f*ck is f*cking f*cks

you can read my detailed blog from the starting with detail of Binance Fud

Now Mazars delete all crypto proof of reserve audit reports

Me: What the hell!!!! is this

Twitter crypto family: Why did they delete this Wtf how did they do this?

That’s why Binance Fud is still trending on Twitter. Mazars stopped ALL crypto audits, not just Binance. Mazars audited, Kucoin, and Binance. They removed their audits of ALL of these exchanges. That’s a Mazars problem. Attempts to make it look like a Binance problem reeks of desperation. Mazars could have stopped *crypto audits* because they felt it was too risky for them, which is understandable in this climate. 

Changpeng Zhao CNBC clip goes Viral

On December 15 Thursday morning on CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin and Becky Quick question to Zhao.

Host: Could Binance handle someone asking for $ 2.1 billion back?

CZ avoids answering directly: “we are financially strong”

Anchor be like, you can see this amazing fun video here

Wait wait before we go more deep let’s have some fun with Trump NFTs after the $99-mint price now the price moved up more than 5x “Wft”

Me: My whole crypto portfolio is down more than 90% “hehehehe”

Trump Digital trading card price when the sale starts is around $0.085 ETH but after the sold-out now the floor price is around $0.48 ETH Wow Wtf why I missed it why… No, we don’t miss it Crypto Avanza Cover this Trump Trading cards news that’s why we are in profit hehehehe I don’t want to meet Trump to buy 45 cards “No way” we are just finding trading opportunity “smart man”

Opensea Trump Digital Trading Cards
Source Opensea
In the Previous week Crypto Avanza shared Short Opportunity on Atom you can read the previous article we are still in profit and the trade is open still when the price of Atom doesn’t come to $7 but we are cashing out 50% profit in it.. WOW
Cosmos Atom crypto
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Wait Wait!! we are talking about Binance Fud but you are doing Future trading in Binance? why why!! Wtf

We are just trading on it not holding my asset and I always trade 10% of my holding. Wow “smart man”

So the question is from CNBC host for $2.1 billion FTT then the CEO of the world’s largest exchange responds to the host “that all the lawyers will deal we are financially strong” said by CZ “even after FTT price drop over the last year we still have 580 million worth of token on the day when we transfer from the address we received” we never touch it” he added

This thread will have some time mechanic exposure but here we don’t define this exchange we just share the truth..

So the real question is how much BUSD & FTT did Binance get? In light of this fact, CZ’s response on CNBC that their lawyers will deal with it if someone comes asking for the $2.1 billion FTX gave them is perfectly reasonable.

Crypto Avanza believes in Satoshi’s decentralized concept that’s why we love and hold Bitcoin, Binance, and all are centralized that’s it

Stablecoin BUSD FUD?

Me: is Binance made a BUSD? The all BUSD voulme is illuqidate assest?

No Binance is not issuing the BUSD you can read this amazing article to know about BUSD 101 facts.

Paxos is a regulated financial institution that issues digital assets. They created the PAX stablecoin. Paxos holds the USD reserves that back BUSD tokens as a cryptocurrency custodian. This digital financial infrastructure makes BUSD redeemable for USD.

paxos stablecoin
source DOFS NY Website

Again Wait you are giving me a lot of facts about Binance Fud, now we want some fun news about Sam Bankman Fried

The New York Post reported that Sam Bankman-Fried’s family had requested vegan meals for him at the Bahamas Prison. The family reportedly called Fox Hill prison in Nassau on Tuesday.

So now we see the On-chain Data of Binance Exchange

According to the Defillama from 13 December to today at the time of writing this blog, Binance lost more than 9 billion Exchange reserves which means the crypto family withdraw the asset to shift Defi exchange that’s why the DEX volume increased

Defillama Binance fud

On Dec-13 Nansen shared the Exchange Flows dashboard in which Binance Netflow 7D ($) -3,660,311,347

8,783,380,428 – Outflow and 5,123,069,081 – Inflow 


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